Bathroom Remodeling Designer in Everett

If you are considering renovations to your bathroom and you haven’t looked at Kitchen Plus yet, then we urge you to inquire about our service. We have the most professional staff, and our company is the best bathroom remodeling designer in Everett. We are family owned, and with over 25 years of combined experience and knowledge, bathroom remodeling is something that we know how to do well. Our dedicated designers and installers can get the job finished on time and within your budget. We always treat you with absolute respect and integrity while we are working with you in your home.

Here at Kitchen Plus, we always recommend that you seek out a professional bathroom remodeling designer when considering bathroom reconstruction. Many homeowners consider doing the work themselves, and this might not be the best option. There are numerous things that can go wrong unexpectedly that cost time and money, and this is not a good situation. However, when you consult a professional designer, you can circumvent these unforeseen obstacles that can fail when you attempt the DIY method of home improvement. Not only does this help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that can occur, but also you will be assisted by professionals that can save you from the risk and hazard involved in the more dangerous procedures of bathroom remodeling.

In addition to doing the laborious and risky work, bathroom remodeling designers and installers, such as ours at Kitchen Plus, can assist you with such things as:

  • Choosing the right building materials for the best cost and quality.
  • Deciding on significant construction duties and tasks, and which tools are best for the job.
  • The best choices for the newest tubs, sinks, showers, toilets, and even something exotic like a bidet.
  • Do you want a new vanity or cabinets?
  • Should you replace lights and fixtures?
  • Will you paint walls, include sections of tile, or replace framing and drywall?
  • Will you install floors with radiant heat underneath?

There are so many questions, and when you choose a bathroom remodeling designer in Everett, Kitchen Plus is the company to seek out. Call us today at (866) 575-2128.