Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Kirkland

A more massive shower, tile throughout, more cabinet space, better lighting…envision all of this and so much more in your new bathroom. Instead of worrying over how to find space in an already very small and cluttered bathroom, let Kitchen Plus fix it. We’ve tackled hundreds of projects of all sizes. Our bathroom remodeling contractor in Kirkland can get started on getting you the bathroom you have always wanted.

Functionality matters when it comes to your bathroom.  Just like any other room in your home, there needs to be space for storage without the appearance of clutter. Your bathroom does not have to be overcrowded. Regardless of what your budget may be, we can still work to get you more space and storage for your bathroom. Kitchen Plus can help you explore all of your options to enhance your bathroom space. Where you may see a small area, Kitchen Plus sees potential! There may be more room than you think for a functional and spacious bathroom.

There are items that you might not have considered. However, during our consultation, we will assess every detail of your bathroom. We can install shelves within your shower to store your items. We can also add a new cabinet or two for added storage. Whatever design and layout work best for you, Kitchen Plus can review possibilities to give your bathroom the update it needs.

Are you ready to have a bathroom that you will love seeing every day? Functionality and style can be merged into one, and Kitchen Plus works to put together the bathroom you have always wanted. A trained bathroom remodeling contractor in Kirkland can go over all of your options. Contact our professionals at (866) 575-2128 to schedule your free in-house consultation.