Bathroom Remodeling Consultant in Shoreline

Imagine walking into your bathroom. Beneath your feet is newly laid flooring, and as you look around, you see updated modern cabinets. The walls are freshly painted and the perfect lighting surrounds your vanity mirror. Best of all there is a fantastic shower to wash away the stress of the day. Does this describe your current bathroom? If not, then consider speaking with one of our bathroom remodeling consultant in Shoreline. Kitchen Plus offers to remodel your bathroom. We have trained professionals that are ready to answer your questions and bring to life the bathroom you have been imagining.

Do not let your current bathroom project discourage you from the possibilities of a new, fully functional bathroom. Kitchen Plus can transform your bathroom and bring it to life. If you want customized work, then we can complete that for you. Whatever works best for your daily life and home, Kitchen Plus can make it happen. When all is said and done we want to provide you with the space that you will love.

Now imagine… our final inspections are completed, professional cleaning is done, and you step into your sparkling newbathroom. All of the fixtures are new and the tile is cool under your feet. Every detail and décor is to your specification. You can feel proud and enjoy the beauty around you as you look around amazed that you can call this your own bathroom. Kitchen Plus knows that you deserve the best and we can provide it.

Kitchen Plus believes in giving you a space that helps you feel more at home. Quality and great service is our top priority. Contact a bathroom remodeling consultant in Shoreline by calling us at 866-575-2128. We are ready to transform your bathroom space!