Bathroom Remodeling Consultant in Mercer Island

Bathroom remodeling is a big step to take for your home. If you are ready to take the next steps in designing your bathroom, then let Kitchen Plus support your remodeling project. We provide multiple services outside of kitchen remodeling, which includes bathroom remodeling. When looking for your bathroom remodeling consultant in Mercer Island, the professionals at Kitchen Plus is ready to help you tackle your project.

We go over all of the details of what goes into a bathroom remodeling project. We demystify the process and answer all of your questions. Are you wondering what the stages of bathroom remodeling are? Let’s look over in more details the steps of bathroom remodeling:

  • The first stage is the design stage. Kitchen Plus starts the design stage with the free in-home consultation. We will review the layout of your bathroom and possible restructuring. Even if you are making simple changes, such as adding a toilet, tub, or cabinet remodeling, there will still be planning and design work.
  • The next stages include the refining the plans, demolition, picking the right materials, redoing any plumbing or electrical work, and so forth. Installation is also a significant part of the stages of remodeling a bathroom. All of the heavy-lifting will always be completed by our trusted professional contractors.
  • When the work is coming to completion, we put all of the final pieces together. Once everything is completed, then we have complimentary cleaning completed in the area where remodeling was done.

Are you ready to transform your existing bathroom into one you will love? Then reach out to Kitchen Plus to start with one of our bathroom remodeling consultant in Mercer Island. You can reach us at (866) 575-2128 to start your renovation project!