Bathroom Remodeling Company in Kenmore

Kitchen Plus is a bathroom remodeling company in Kenmore that specializes in fast and efficient remodel projects. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience, we can turn any bathroom into a place in your home you will want to show off to your guests. We realize that a remodeling project can outgrow its size and scope, and with so many choices, it can become confusing. With so many options to choose from, it can become overwhelming, and we offer a stress-free solution and service that will help you keep on track and within your budget.

Bathrooms are not only used for everyday functionality now but also as a full-fledged spa or even a room where you can relax and unwind from a long day. Modern bathrooms can now have many more features than before, and when you are starting your plans for a remodeling project in Kenmore, we want to help you with your every need. Some things to consider are fixtures, cabinetry, counters, flooring, and walls.

You may decide to install a deluxe shower or bathtub. Also, it is common to replace or reface cabinetry for a more contemporary feel. Countertops can be upgraded to quartz, granite, or limestone for a clean appearance. There are also options that include heated floors to keep your feet from getting cold. Lastly, it is quite common to renew the walls in a bathroom with drywall, tile, or paint.

No matter what your requirements a bathroom remodeling job may be, at Kitchens Plus, we have experienced designers who provide professional results to help you finish your project promptly and at an affordable price. To find the perfect bathroom remodeling company in Kenmore, look no further than Kitchen Plus. To find out more about the bathroom remodeling service we offer, give us a call today at (866) 575-2128 for a free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are ready to get started on a new bathroom remodeling project for you right away.