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Bellevue Kitchen Structural Changes


Many structural changes can be made to enhance the function and use of space for your home. We specialize in custom kitchen remodeling, structural enhancements and custom additions for your residential home or commercial office space.

kitchen plus

Wall Removal

Opening up your space can make it more functional, provide better flow, or let in more natural light. Kitchen or other wall removal can seem daunting, but the rewards and added value will pay off in the end. Let our friendly kitchen designer's help you realize your dreams as you tackle your home or office structural upgrade.


Raise Your Ceiling

Raising your ceiling is a great way to make your kitchen, bathroom, or entertainment space feel larger while also providing for extra storage. A higher ceiling in your home or office will not only provide more organizational options, but will also add value to your home and is sure to impress!


Pass Through Windows

Link one room to an adjacent room without losing designated spaces. This simple structural change is especially functional between your kitchen and dining room. Not only can it open up your space while adding function and value, it will make those big family dinners so much easier to pull off.



Add a new front door or large arched windows to your home to bring in natural light, creating a more inviting living, dining or bedroom.

front view of house


Add on to your home to allow for more space while increasing equity. A new structural addition can be as simple as green-house style windows or as large as adding on that new wine cellar to the back of your kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

Front-View of house

Front Entries

Update your front entry and liven up your curb appeal. Structural changes to the entry are a great and cost effective way to add value to any home while also improving your neighborhood

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