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Kitchen Plus’s Five Step Process to a Successful Remodel

Our design process makes us who we are.

We have developed the most efficient remodeling process in the industry. Our process allows you, the client, to get back into your home approximately 42 days faster than a consumer that goes through a standard remodeling process. Ours is a 5-phase system that takes you from plan development though final construction. We hope the matrix below will help you understand how things happen at Kitchen Plus and assist you with communication at any stage of your project.


1. Design

  • Designer will convert your ideas and desires into a solid design
  • Material selection and color palette ideas
  • Investment information for your customized remodel
  • Agreement will be written as a “Road Map for Success”
  • Any changes after this point could impact the start and end dates of your project

2. Technical Planning

  • The next step is to set a “measure date”
  • Tech Planner provides the link between design and construction
  • Tech planner verifies the measurements, space utilization and technical requirements for the project
  • Produces final drawings for our shop, reviews installer skill set requirements for the job, the lead time to order all materials, and creates project timeline

3. File Review & Scheduling

  • Once the file is complete it goes into the line for file review
  • File review is the final double check that everything coincides with the project from the agreement to the tech planned documents
  • File review committee matches the job to the appropriate installer as each installer has a unique and different set of skills
  • It is impossible for us to provide start dates until this phase has been complete
  • The scheduler calls with your guaranteed project start date



  • Kitchen Plus’s own manufacturing facility is located in Kirkland
  • Manufacturing and finishing of your custom cabinets
  • Our goal is to assure delivery of every item to your home the first day of the project
  • Including any and all customer supplied items
fire place


  • Kitchen Plus employed installer will be acting as the Project Manager
  • Protection of your home during the remodel
  • Removes and disposes of existing materials and created debris
  • Manages any additional KP personnel and subcontractors required
  • Remodeling is not perfect, the installer will work directly with you to troubleshoot and necessary field adjustments
  • Kitchen Plus’s endeavor to deliver a project that reflect superior craftsmanship, quality, and above all, your complete satisfaction

Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Questions you should be asking your contractor to avoid any “surprises” during your project include:

  • What does this contract NOT include?
  • Is your project manager or installer a sub-contractor or company employee?
  • Will there be a lien placed against my property and do you provide a lien release?
  • How will disputes be resolved?
  • What are the living conditions while you are installing and how long will you be disrupting my home?

Our Promise

Kitchen Plus always designs with you in mind. We listen to you, then help you to create the space you want at a price you can live with. As a full-service firm, we are the supplier and contractor, and we promise to keep your project on time and on budget.

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